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Congratulations to our company! And our expanding training has finished successfuly

Source:Humbi Technology Co,. Ltd Time:2015-10-10 14:08:16


                  For strength team sprit and communication skills of our employees, enhance spirit of belonging, cohesion,, solidarity, progress.. On August 22, Zhengzhou Humbi Technology co., ltd. Organized whole employees to have one-day expanding training in factory.



 This training includes activities such as team camping, a chance of survival. In the progress of whole activity, everyone finish these activities work together.



 In this training, every employee abided discipline and join in these games. What’s more, expanding training do need discipline, only in this way can achieve final victory. 







This training break barriers and strangeness between people, it also inspire enthusiasm of employees, create better environment.; enhance communication of workers. 




 This activity make us more powerful, we overcome difficulties we have. It made us know ourselves in a new way.



                   In here, we put off our work and stress, break barriers, and know each other deeply. This spirit must push Humbi Technology move forward.澳门新葡萄京997755